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Roc Boots

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The Podiatrist at Resolve Health is now providing quality comfort shoes, kids school shoes and work boots made to order!

Kids School Shoes, Sandals, Formal Shoes, Work Shoes, Footwear, Work Boots and Safety Boots Now available here at Resolve Health. We personally measure and size your feet up and order the perfect sized shoe that you need!

Brands that we stock: Oliver, ROC Kids Shoes, Dr Comfort Footwear

Roc Boots

Roc Kids Shoes



Dr Comfort

Dr Comfort


If you have questions or issues regarding foot, ankle, leg and footwear, make an appointment with Philip your podiatrist and the utmost care will be provided to your unique and important feet.

Author Info

Philip Chan

Philip graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2008 and subsequently throughout his illustrious career thoroughly experienced all aspects of podiatry and is especially capable in treating lower limb pain and conditions in children, adults and the elderly. Philip has a keen interest in kid’s feet, and shares a deep passion in treating and preventing foot, ankle, and knee issues of our future adults.