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One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of relaxation and calm. When a massage therapist massages soft tissue, nerve signals are transmitted both to the local area and throughout the body. These signals, in combination with the healing properties of touch, help heal damaged muscle, stimulate circulation, clear waste products via the lymphatic system, boost the activity of the immune system, reduce pain and tension, and induce a calming effect. Massage may also enhance wellbeing by stimulating the release of endorphins (natural painkillers and mood elevators) and reducing levels of certain stress hormones.

At your first consultation, the massage therapist will ask you about your medical history, any symptoms you may have (like neck or back pain) and what you expect to achieve from the massage session. The manner in which the therapist massages your body, and the duration of the massage, depends on the problem being treated. The massage therapist may recommend to schedule follow-up visits, depending on the severity of your situation.

Some of the benefits of massage include:

  • 1Reduced muscle tension
  • 2Improved circulation
  • 3Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • 4Reduction of stress hormones
  • 5Increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • 6Improved skin tone
  • 7Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries
  • 8Heightened mental alertness
  • 9Reduced anxiety and depression.




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