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Foot & Leg Pain and Injuries

Poor foot posture and function is a major cause of foot and ankle pain. Shin and calf pain, as well as many knee, hip and lower back problems may also stem from the feet. People involved in sport and physical activity, and those who spend long hours on their feet are more prone to injuries arising from poor foot and lower limb function. After a thorough clinical assessment, Resolve Health podiatrists will identify specific factors that are contributing to an individual’s problem. A tailored, multidimensional treatment program may include:

  • 1Stretching and strengthening exercise programs
  • 2Taping/padding techniques
  • 3Specific footwear model recommendations
  • 4Footwear modifications
  • 5Prescription of custom-made foot orthotics!
  • 6Changes to daily activities/training regimen
  • 7Acing/Splints

Kids Feet

Developmental changes within the feet and lower limbs continue to occur from birth until the end of adolescence. Some children are prone to certain complaints as a result of these changes. These may include:

  • 1General leg fatigue
  • 2Aching legs (including growing pains)
  • 3Unusual walking/running patterns
  • 4Specific foot and leg pain

Skin and Nail Care

Our podiatrists use specific instruments for effective treatment of skin and nail problems including corns, warts, callus, and ingrown toenails. Our podiatrists are qualified to perform the surgical removal and prevention of ingrown toenails.

Early intervention can treat and prevent problems arising during growth and development.

Diabetes and Arthritis

Our podiatrists are qualified to thoroughly examine and treat those suffering from systemic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Such diseases can predispose sufferers to joint degeneration/deformity, circulatory and neurological deficits. Podiatric intervention can help to maintain the mobility of these individuals, enabling them to carry out a more active lifestyle.

Shock Wave Therapy

Shockwave Treatment

Now available for Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis.

How does Shock Wave Therapy work?

This is a reasonably new treatment which is becoming more popular with recent improvements in the delivery device. The shock wave therapy unit delivers targeted shock waves (generated using compressed air) to the painful area using a hand held applicator that taps the inflamed tissue. The shock isn’t an electric shock; it is a physical tap/pulse. Shock wave therapy is thought to work by causing micro trauma (or tiny spots of damage). The body will come in and repair this new, acute injury and in doing so brings more blood flow and repair cells to the chronic injury where your body has ‘given up’ its repair effort.

Potential benefits of Shock Wave Therapy

There are several potential benefits using radial shock wave:

  1. Pain reduction – by changing the way the nerves signal pain (interferes with the pain signals in a positive way).
  2. Increased tissue healing – radial shock waves cause the release of chemicals in the cells which can reduce inflammation and pain.
  3. Improved blood flow – repeated shock waves create new blood flow promoting tissue healing and regeneration. 4) Reduced muscle tone – shock waves act on trigger points. These are the painful tender spots in muscles which often generate pain and dysfunction.
  4. Reduced muscle tone – shock waves act on trigger points. These are the painful tender spots in muscles which often generate pain and dysfunction.

Resolve Health Podiatrist

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Charli Hutchins

Charli has extensive experience in all aspects of podiatry from toenail care, sports injury management, pediatric podiatry, post surgical rehabilitation and diabetic foot management. Beyond her varied experience, one of her favorite aspects of being a Podiatrist is footwear education.  She is obsessed with shoes and passionate about finding the right shoes for every client to keep them happy on their feet.
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Labique Abro, Bachelor Degree of Podiatry

Labique graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry from QUT. Since his graduation he has worked in a private practice in Brisbane and Central Queensland. Labique also has a degree in Biomedical Science (Anatomical Sciences) which extends his knowledge on the anatomy of the human body. He has had exposure to all aspects of podiatry from toenail care, sports injury management, paediatric podiatry and diabetic foot management. Labique strives to deliver the best patient centred care by building rapport and providing the most up to date knowledge regarding podiatric conditions.


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